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Accelerate your portfolio growth and elevate your investing success with Keith Kern's unique options strategy. The secret? Unusual options activity that helps you to be the first to spot big money trades.

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Power Options

There are a lot of different options trading strategies out there. The Trader's Toolbox Heat Seeker strategy is a unique and specific technical trading strategy developed over 18 years and focuses on leveraging unusual options activity to spot potential big moves.

The objective is to identify unique, liquid large cap trade setups and use the underlying option to generate leveraged returns while limiting risk. This strategy is perfect for both seasoned and beginners alike no matter the account size.  In fact, this is a great way to trade if you happen to be under the PDT rule.


4 Major Reasons to Trade OPTIONS:

Generate Consistent Income


Leverage Your Money Better


Great Way To Control Risk


Big Percentages!!!


What You Get With Your Heat Seeker


Email, text, and notification alerts sent in real-time

Detailed nightly watchlist with scans, portfolio updates, market analysis and more

Weekly members-only educational webinars

Access to TTB mentors and experienced traders


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My friend recommended you from the beginning and has known of you for a while. I started using your chatroom and it has greatly accelerated my progress. It has allowed me to create a timeline for leaving my job and has given me the means to pursue my own business venture more aggressively. I can’t say thank you enough.”


Amazing. I use to work 6/7 days a week 10/12 hours a day and make 200k a year. Now I can work from home and make just as much if not more. Spend way more time with my kids and not worry about managing employee's. Truly a dream come true. This room has made me the trader I'm today.


Learning from the best!  4 figure day for me almost a couple times over.”


Since joining Keith 2 weeks ago and trading only 7 days so far, made a cool $4495 in profits… small profits add up… thank you”


 I haven’t had so many green days in a long time as well as small losses. Something changed and I am comfortable and slowly adding more size as dictated by price action and I been consistently grinding out $200+ days, not alot but hey that’s almost half a days work for me before 8AM. Thanks you so much!”


You might think Keith is a machine, scanning the market in real time DURING market hours and coming out with great setups, stocks poised to breakout/breakdown.  His great style has definitely influenced my ability to read breakouts very positively. Thanks for all the effort you put out there.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Am I Qualified to Train You?

I have been a full-time trader for 17 years and have successfully navigated virtually every market presented. After serving several years at Merrill Lynch and Edward Jones as a broker, I decided to go out on my own and took the leap into full-time trading. After numerous successes and failures, I developed a systematic approach to trading that reduces risk and increases the probability of turning a profit in the markets. This unique style has allowed me to profit consistently year to year and given me an edge in the markets. I would love to pass on the knowledge and strategies that I have developed over the years, and help you become successful.

Who Is This Service Good For?

This service is perfect for both the seasoned trader and beginner alike. Truly a strategy for all account sizes.

What is Your Strategy?

The objective is to identify quality large cap stock setups and then use the underlying option to generate bigger profits. This strategy is also very beneficial for traders under the 25k limit because there is no PDT rule when trading options. This allows everyone to maximize profit.

What Is the Format of the Alerts?

Each alert comes with suggested entry areas along with potential targets and stop loss. A separate alert is sent out for the exit. Example: Looking to enter call options for MSFT. A break of 100.00 on MSFT will trigger the idea. I will enter the MSFT Aug 100 calls around 1.0.

How Do I Get the Alerts?

Alerts are sent out to your inbox and/or mobile device. We use slack for our desktop and mobile alerts. Its very efficient and U.S + International subscribers can both receive them.

How Much Money Should I Expect To Make?

The sky is the limit! But you need to dedicate yourself to learning the strategy. I have been trading for over 17 years now and have been able to make a consistent full-time living, working from home for those years. The reason I developed Trader's Toolbox is to help you along in your journey by showing you what works and what has worked for me for so long. The products that I offer come with all the necessary tools for you to reach your goals and become a profitable trader, alongside of me. One requirement: You must be dedicated and ready to LEARN.