Why Did We Start Trader's Toolbox?

We have developed a systematic approach to trading that reduces risk and increases the probability of turning a profit in the markets. This unique style has allowed us to profit consistently year to year and given me an edge in the markets. We would love to pass on the knowledge and strategies that we have developed over the years, and help you become successful.

What is Your Strategy?

We focus on swing trading and day trading stocks. Our specialty is pattern recognition and proper risk/reward trading strategies. We have a keen eye for finding stocks on the verge of making big moves based on technical analysis. We use technical formations to trade both stocks and options. We also have developed a day trading strategy around reading the options tape.

Which Trading Plan Should I Choose?

I have found success in both swing trading and day trading. For this reason, I offer both services under one membership. The membership gest you access to my day trading chatroom, swing alerts room, and options room. Alerts in the Lightning Room are fast paced and meant to be quick trades. For slower paced chart alerts, then you will want the Swing Picks service. This service offers slower paced trades and the alerts are delivered directly to your inbox/cell as they happen. Memberships come with access to my nightly newsletter as well. I can help you identify what type of strategies might be right for your specific life situation, and help you focus in that direction - just reach out info@traderztoolbox.com

What is the Day Trading Chat Room Like? (Lightning Room)

With the Lightning Room, you get to see exactly what we are watching and trading and listen to us explain in detail the trades as they happen in real time. There’s no better way to learn how to make money in the market, than by listening to market veterans trade on a daily basis. The Lightning Room boasts some of the best veteran moderators in the business.

Can you explain the Swing Picks Service?

Several chart ideas per month based on pattern recognition and optimal timing of the chart. You get the alert sent to your device of choice along with potential profit points and risk areas on the pattern.

How does the newsletter help me?

The newsletter is our staple product, it’s what we are known for. You are automatically subscribed to our newsletter when you purchase any of my products. Others sell this type of information for thousands of dollars alone because of the detail and time we put into it each night. Preparation is a MUST in trading and through this newsletter you see how much prep work we do to insure that both our members and ourselves have the best chance of successful ideas. The newsletter consists of: Index Overview, Current Position Review, My Top Trade Setups, and Educational Trade Reviews. If you want to check out a sample newsletter before joining, then simply enter your email address on the homepage of the website!

Do you have an educational course? (MasterClass)

Yes.. it’s called the MasterClass. If you are new to trading or looking to further your bottom line then we highly recommend this course. We have put a tremendous amount of time into the development of the course to ensure that you learn my complete strategy and all the secrets behind my trading success. Nothing is left out. On the website, the course is offered as individual videos or you can purchase the entire bundle for a discounted price. If you have questions, reach out: info@traderztoolbox.com