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Unlike most other services that make only simulated trades, our experts teach you how to trade in our new state-of-the-art chat room, using real money. To make things even easier, they post all trades through a written trading feed. They also explain their trades play by play via audio! Making you a more successful trader is their priority!

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Access to Members-Only Lightning Room

Nightly Newsletter/Watchlist

Live Screenshare Broadcasting

Instant Lightning Alerts via Lightning Room Channel

Custom Scanners

Weekly Group Sessions w/ Keith

Premium Discounts

What we do?

Our main focus is finding the best setups with the most favorable risk to reward

We do this with a 3 pronged approach:

Breakout Trading. We identify the best chart setups the night before the market opens. He labels important levels to watch that could trigger a stock to go higher.

Options Activity. Keith monitors options activity that could signal which stocks may go higher intraday.

5 Minute Intraday Patterns. Keith scans for the best intraday setups based on current news events and the level of trading volume.

Lightnin Room Stock Trading Chatroom for Day traders

Not to mention…

Daily streaming broadcast of Keith's screens and voice discussing strategy and flow.

Daily analysis of current market conditions and indexes.

A unique community of new, experienced, and professional traders and moderators

Weekly market and trade recap sessions with Keith and Sandman

Hours of educational webinars on strategy, risk managment, scanning techniques, and more.

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