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Trading Masterclass

by Keith Kern

Are you struggling with profitability and need help? Are you looking to become a full time trader or simply increase your bottom line? Then look no further. The Masterclass was developed by Keith Kern to speed up your learning curve and get you on the journey to profitability as fast as possible. Yes, we offer a lot of great content with the subscription to Trader's Toolbox, but not like the hand held attention to detail like you get in our trading Masterclass. If you want to get serious about becoming a trader and making profits, then you have landed in the right place.


Keith has been a full time trader for 24 years and has traded virtually any strategy one can think of. He has also learned the hard way many of the numerous mistakes traders tend to make early in their career.

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Lesson 1

Stock Analysis and Stock Charting

Keith walks you through the exact indicators and process that he uses when charting stocks. He also provides you with an in depth look at his favorite software for analyzing the markets and finding the best stocks to trade.


Lesson 4

Trend Strategy, Rubberband Strategy (Swing)

Trading stock trends are how successful swing traders consistently make money. The two strategies taught in this video are perfect for those of you who have full-time jobs and are looking to make extra income.


Lesson 7

Options Sweeps Strategy/Intro to Options

The options sweep strategy is one of Keith’s favorites and one he uses everyday. He made over 130k trading this strategy alone in 2017. Its a stock trading strategy, for options! He also details the exact scanner he uses to alert him on these trades.


Lesson 10

Putting it All Together – Screen Setup/Valuable Resources

Having a 17 year market veteran walk you through the top software and resources that he prefers is invaluable. Not to mention, the exact way he organizes his screens and prepares for the trading day. That is exactly what you get in this video!


Lesson 2

Support/Resistance/Trends/Chart Patterns/Trading Rules/Market Sentiment

Want to learn traditional technical analysis from a 17 year market veteran? This video is a complete breakdown of high probability chart patterns that every trader should know. Also included in this video is a thorough look at the trading rules that Keith has established for his trading. These rules are a huge part of why he is successful year after year.


Lesson 5

Opening Range Breakout Strategy/Red to Green Strategy (Day)

If you are looking to trade the market open, then look no further than these two strategies. Both the Opening Range Breakout and Red to Green Strategy are intraday trades that occur within the first 1-2 hours of the trading day. In this video, Keith walks you through the rules and signals for both setups.


Lesson 8

Risk Management

/Trading Rules

80% of trading success comes from proper risk management and establishing trading rules that you abide by. One of Keith’s strengths is his ability to control risk and know when to put his money in play and when to sit on the sidelines. If you want to learn how to preserve your capital and become a consistently profitable trader, then look no further than this video.


Lesson 3

Breakout/Breakdown Strategy (Swing)

In this video, Keith goes over his top swing trading strategy, the chart breakout. Breakouts and breakdowns sound simple until you start trading them. Learn the tips and tricks that Keith uses to know when to enter, when to exit, and how much size to use when trading this strategy. You will also learn how and why it makes him the most money year after year.


Lesson 6

Double Bottom Strategy/VWAP Strategy (Day)

These two day trading strategies are explosive when timed properly. You can capitalize on very quick intraday moves and line your pockets each day. In this video, Keith details how exactly he uses the VWAP indicator to determine intraday trades. He also goes over another intraday long setup that he trades often, the double bottom.


Lesson 9

Level 2 Trading

Every trader needs an edge. There are alot of things going on behind the scenes of a trade that you need to be aware of to beat the odds and be successful. Let Keith teach you his Level 2 strategy and learn how he spots clues on when a stock is ready to soar!


        Keith Kern

Founder, Trader's Toolbox

Keith Kern has been a full-time trader for 15 years and has earned millions of dollars trading stocks. After serving several years at Merrill Lynch and Edward Jones as a broker, Keith decided to go out on his own and took the leap into full-time trading. After spending many years backtesting strategies, Keith developed a systematic approach to trading that reduces risk and increases the probability of turning a profit in the markets. This unique style has allowed him to profit consistently year to year and given him an edge in the markets.

Due to popular demand, Keith developed the Trader's Toolbox Chat Room and MasterClass to help apsiring traders. Keith’s goal for the MasterClass is to help others shorten their learning curve in the market and start earning profits.

You might think Keith is a machine, scanning the market in real time DURING market hours and coming out with great setups, stocks poised to breakout/breakdown. His great style has definitely influenced my ability to read breakouts very positively. Thanks for all the effort you put out there.


The two critical things that Keith’s MasterClass has done for me are (1) helping me to really understand the principles of disciplined and consistent trading and (2) how to actually put the principles to work. Watching how it is done has been the key for me to “get it.” I came into the course with a pretty decent amount of trading “knowledge,” but didn’t realize how many habits I had formed that were sabotaging my success and how little my “knowledge” was worth without the right habits and defined strategies. It truly has been worth every penny I spent and will pay dividends over the course of my trading career. I love your straight forward, no nonsense approach, your sincere desire to teach and see us succeed, your willingness to be patient and walk us through the mechanics of how to be successful, and your focus on teaching to fish rather than just handing fish out.

Scott J.

Keith’s program is a great educational experience. Keith is a great guy and a great trader. I learned so much from the course and would recommend it to both beginning traders and experience alike. The course is comprehensive and goes over the basics and then delves into the intricacies of both day trading and swing trading.


Since I started Keith’s program I haven’t quite pinpointed what it is yet, maybe it’s conviction and confidence? I haven’t had so many green days in a long time as well as small losses. Something changed and I have been consistently grinding out $200+ days, not alot but hey that’s almost half a days work for me before 8AM. Thanks you so much!

Jackie L.

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