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Carefully-Curated Watch Lists


Imagine how much you could learn if you had access to the stock watch lists of a successful, veteran trader.

Well now you can! As a member of Trader's Toolbox, you’ll have full access to our carefully-researched personal stock watch lists complete with optimal technical setups.

Real Time Alerts

As a Trader's Toolbox member, we’ll send chart alerts (options AND stocks) directly to your device of choice with actionable information on the plays BEFORE they happen, not after the fact! 

These up-to-the-minute alerts will be sent to you by both email and text message, giving you fast access to the charting opportunities we uncover.

Live Streaming Chat

To make things easier, our Traders post their best ideas and strategies inside the brand new Trader's Toolbox Chat Room.

The Chat Room is unique in that it has different channels for each service... all in one place! A one stop shop for trading expertise.


Comprehensive Trading Masterclass

The Masterclass is a comprehensive trading course designed to speed up your learning curve and teach you the ins and outs of trading. Nothing is left out of this course!


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Swing Trading Setups

Start with our Top 13 FREE

Video Lessons + Newsletter!