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Become a better trader with Trader's Toolbox

Let a 17-Year Trading Veteran who’s helped thousands of traders, guide you on your journey to profitable trading.

Real Trades. Real Time.

Join the Trader's Toolbox Community

    of Thousands of Active Traders!

What You Get With Your Trader's Toolbox Membership

Carefully-Curated Watch Lists

Imagine how successful you could be if you had access to the stock watch lists of a successful, veteran trader.

Well now you can!


As a member of Trader's Toolbox, you’ll have full access

to Keith’s carefully-researched personal stock watch lists complete with optimal technical setups.


Buy, hold, and sell zones will be clearly identified to help you easily understand the trade opportunity.

In addition, we also provide overall commentary on stock market indexes, as well as ETF’s. Insights like these give you a better understanding of the markets on both 

a macro and micro level.

Want to be a Better Trader? Get My Sunday Night Newsletter Packed Full of My Top Picks, Market Analysis, Educational Tips & More... 100% FREE!

Real-Time Buy/Sell Alerts Push Notification

Every successful trader knows that TIMING is a critical part of making winning trades.

As a paying Trader's Toolbox member, we’ll send trade alerts (options AND stocks) directly to your device of choice with actionable information on the plays BEFORE they happen, not after the fact!

These up-to-the-minute alerts will be sent to you by both email and

text message, giving you fast access to the lucrative trading opportunities we uncover.

You will also get an updated real time spreadsheet of all charts that have triggered, along with suggested exits, stop areas, and follow up on everything!

State of the Art Live Chat Room

During his 17 year career, Keith has refined and perfected trading strategies for both options and stocks. He's uses a three pronged approach in his trading routine:

 1.  He identifies the best chart setups the night before the market opens. He also labels important levels to watch that could trigger a stock to go higher.

 2. He monitors options activity that could  signal which stocks may go higher intraday.

 3. He scans for the best intraday setups based on current news events and the level of trading volume.

To make things easier, Keith posts his best ideas and strategies inside the brand new Trader's Toolbox Chat Room. The Chat Room is unique in that it has different channels for each service... all in one place! A one stop shop for trading expertise.

No smoke and mirrors. Just total transparency. You get live access to real experts, making real trades, with      real money.

Services for every type of trader!

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Improve profitability and receive expert guidance from our expert traders by joining this community. The Lightning Room is a state of the art custom built chatroom for daytraders.

Day Trader

Can't sit in front of the computer all day? The Swing Picks service is perfect for part-time traders looking to grow their accounts while still maintaining their busy schedules. This program offers 4-5 quality trade alerts per week. Each alert is jammed packed full of investment research.

Swing Trader

Options Activity

The Trader's Toolbox Options strategy is a unique and specific technical trading strategy developed over 17 years and focuses on unusual option sweep activity.


The Masterclass is a comprehensive trading course developed by Keith Kern and designed to speed up your learning curve and get you on the journey to profitability as fast as possible. Nothing is left out of this course!


$1299 & SAVE OVER $2,000

Want to be a Better Trader? Get My Sunday Night Newsletter Packed Full of My Top Picks, Market Analysis, Educational Tips & More... 100% FREE!

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